2020 is a “new reality”, the world is faced with new security challenges, a second wave of the pandemic is awaiting.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has included the ISOBR software in a showcase of technical solutions for organizing the remote work process.

The digital solution “ISOBR” is designed for remote control, management, optimization of working time and ensuring the safety of work performed at hazardous facilities.

LLC “Vizitek” has a patent for its innovative invention “Application of machine learning in ensuring the safety of work, a method for ensuring the safety of work and a system for its implementation.” It includes advanced software and hardware solutions that, using machine learning technologies and neural networks, provide comprehensive protection of production from an epidemiological threat, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the activities performed, and also build an effective management system for the processes of industrial safety, labor protection, environmental protection.

The solution is already being applied in many industries: oil and gas, metallurgy, energy, chemical, transportation, nuclear and mining.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has included in its register the software “ISOBR” of LLC “VISITEK” for remote control of work in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and production efficiency of enterprises in an anti-epidemic mode.

Based on the results of the operation of the ISOBR software, at least the following results are achieved:

  • Displaying data in a single interface;
  • Improving the safety and efficiency of work;
  • Tracking information in real time;
  • Increasing the efficiency and relevance of information on the approval and signing of work permits at high-risk facilities;
  • Reducing the cost of work;
  • Ensuring an anti-epidemic regime among production personnel;
  • Implementation of full-scale control over the work. The system simplifies the management of objects of any size – reflecting the movement of employees and contractors, recording the start and end of work, entry and exit from certain areas.
  • Tracking abnormal behavior and informing the responsible persons in a timely manner. All VISITECH trackers allow you to send an SOS signal to the system operator, as well as track a fall from a height;
  • Stores all necessary information on monitoring objects in a secure and easy-to-read form. The system allows you to freely add information fields and any time counters, integrate with systems of the “Digital Passport” class;
  • The operator efficiently distributes and controls employee shifts, thereby minimizing unplanned personnel contacts;
  • The zoning system allows you to promptly notify the operator about possible violations of the established rules;

In case of suspicion and detection of infection, it effectively allows you to conduct a retrospective of all social contacts over the last 30 days and identify areas that require additional disinfection.