Building a safety culture

VISITECH experts note that awareness of behavior in potentially dangerous situations minimizes the risk of injury.

Video tutorials

One of the most effective tools for improving the safety culture in the enterprise is the broadcast of training videos, where employees are clearly shown the consequences of a careless attitude to personal and public safety.

We are engaged in the production of animation and video content dedicated to industrial safety and labor protection, “turnkey”: from the idea and script to the final editing of the video.

The illusion of security

Own series of animated videos under the general theme “Illusion of Security” for instructing and training employees.

Trainings and seminars

Industrial safety of hazardous production facilities is based on an effective system of training employees in the field of industrial safety and labor protection.

Instructions and trainings, which give participants the opportunity to exchange experiences and jointly find solutions to specific problems, are a quality tool for increasing the culture of safe behavior.

Identifying and fixing the root cause is the most effective way to avoid the recurrence of incidents, accidents or equipment failures.

In order for this task to be carried out efficiently and systematically, VISITECH specialists have developed a business training “Investigating the Root Cause of Incidents”, which helps to develop the necessary professional competencies of employees, as well as to increase the general culture of safe behavior at the facility. 

The program includes:

  • training in the method of analyzing the causes of accidents
  • training in how to identify and develop corrective actions
  • practical exercises on working with the Incident Management module

Training and consulting

VISITECH practitioners are proficient in international standards in the field of industrial safety and labor protection at hazardous production facilities, and are deeply immersed in the specifics of Russian enterprises.

We are happy to share this unique experience on our own educational programs, act as invited experts at business events dedicated to modern practices in the field of industrial safety, and also provide professional advice. At the same time, we always confirm theoretical knowledge in practice with real customer cases.

Topics of speeches:

  • Modern practices for ensuring industrial safety and labor protection
  • Safety culture at work
  • Management of risks

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