VR technology

Using VR technologies, we recreate production facilities and teach people to act in abnormal situations, analyze human and operational errors, and identify the root causes of incidents.


Knowing the theory without putting it into practice increases the risk of incidents. VR technology helps employees hone the required procedures and improve their professional skills in working with technological equipment. Using VR simulators, you can accelerate the introduction of new equipment – “test” it in advance and understand the principles of operation, which means that you avoid injuries and damage in reality.

VISITECH VR simulators create the effect of being on a real object, which allows you to work out various types of incidents:

  • non-observance of safety measures, the presence of personnel in the dangerous area of ​​equipment or transport
  • violation of fire safety rules
  • performance of work on a functioning equipment
  • loss of concentration
  • panic in the event of incidents (fire, falling objects, etc.)

Creation of a VR simulator is possible both on the basis of stationary and portable training place. When developing it, all kinds of user scenarios are taken into account, the subject of which depends on the task at hand: obtaining permission to work through the assembly and disassembly of equipment, compliance with safety measures when working in a hazardous area, extinguishing a fire, developing an evacuation plan.

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