Production control

Automation of the audit, increasing the level of executive discipline, identifying risks and performing the assigned tasks strictly on time.

Module advantages:

  • Planning of measures to determine the current state of the HSE processes
  • Formation of a single list of audits and inspections conducted at the enterprise
  • Identification of discrepancies in audit results and their analysis
  • Determination of measures to eliminate inconsistencies and control of the timing of their implementation
  • Building a systematic approach in the process of ensuring safety, identifying hazardous factors and reducing the risk of accidents
  • Determination of a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the state of objects and processes of industrial safety of HSE
  • Displaying on the electronic map of the object of the areas of industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection, requiring attention and adjustment

The result of using the module:

  • Prompt access to necessary information from a personal computer, smartphone and tablet
  • Identifying effective corrective actions
  • Monitoring the timing of tasks and activities
  • Objective assessment of the state of objects and current processes of industrial safety and labor protection
  • Saving time on information processing and reporting
  • Complete exclusion of paperwork
  • Obtaining objective and reliable supervision

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