Dangerous (working) conditions / Hazardous production facility

Automation of the process of registration and accounting of dangerous actions and conditions at the enterprise.

Module advantages:

  • Rapid registration of dangerous actions, violations and dangerous conditions
  • Automatic classification into hazard and loss categories, sequential numbering
  • Appointment and control of corrective actions based on the results of identified hazardous actions and conditions
  • Automatic notification of responsible persons about violations and assignment of corrective actions
  • Display on the electronic map of the object of the areas of industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection, requiring attention and adjustment
  • The ability to attach to the card a dangerous condition or action of photo, audio, video materials
  • Automatic construction of global statistics, conducting analytics on the enterprise

Module implementation results:

  • Methodical, regular and prompt risk assessment
  • Systematic development of corrective measures and actions, reducing the likelihood of accidents and personnel injuries
  • Identification of areas of industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection, requiring special attention, based on current statistics
  • Targeted spending of funds and reducing the cost of organizing a safe production
  • Direct involvement of employees in the processes of ensuring safe working conditions using a risk-based approach
  • Formation of leadership among employees and managers in health, safety and environmental protection
  • Formation of a sustainable model of safe behavior of personnel in production

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Dangerous (working) conditions / Hazardous Production Facility

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