VISITECH has become an official partner of the Vision zero global movement dedicated to occupational safety, health and welfare.

Vision zero, or the International Social Security Association’s (ISSA) “Zero Injury Concept,” is a global approach to fostering a culture of prevention in the workplace that brings together the three dimensions of work at all levels – safety, health and well-being.

Vision zero is based on the belief that all occupational accidents and diseases are preventable – they are neither predetermined nor inevitable – they always have causes. By developing an active culture of prevention, these causes can be addressed.

The campaign aims to unite partners from various industries around the world into a global community (today it has about 2,500 members), aimed at a united effort to improve working conditions for employees, create new opportunities for businesses and strengthen social security systems.

Promoting a culture of prevention in the workplace requires a proactive approach and commitment from the entire company, from top management to field workers. The Vision Zero Golden Rules, which are fully shared by VISITECH, outline specific steps to help achieve zero injury in practice:
• Become a leader – show commitment to the principles of the concept
• Identify threats – control risks
• Set goals – design programs
• Build a health and safety system – achieve a high level of organization
• Ensure safety and health at work places, when working with machines and equipment
• Improve your qualifications – develop professional skills
• Invest in human resources – motivate through participation

Safe and healthy working conditions are not only legal and moral obligations, but a good investment. International research on the return on investment in prevention shows that every dollar invested in occupational safety and health has the potential to generate more than two dollars in positive economic benefits. This means healthy working conditions contribute to the health of the entire business!